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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  December 3, 2019 10:30pm-10:46pm CET

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the. to be. discovered who. subscribe to the documentary. this is news africa coming up on the program. shipped into slavery from africa to america now after 400 years. searching for traces of history and they are not going back to the u.s. .
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as the world's biggest floating city. cannot be found on any maps at least not yet. i. hear welcome to the program some history lesson. 1619 ships with 20 captives from africa set sail for what is now the u.s. state of virginia its arrival in the american slavery this week 400 years later a member of the u.s. congressional black caucus reflected on the transatlantic slave trade cruel history . they visited the united nations headquarters in new york on the u.s. . as a place to contemplate the slave trade and racism today. they were joined by
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academy award nominated actor jean mourinho soufan been in a nation film where thousands of africans were taking into slavery. this year 2019 watts to 400 years and the 1st week of this phrase at least 6 later all of return on by h. the haitian american wrote the play on. the streets to despise it makes us reflect on this infamous era of our history to remember what was taking from africa walking given back. and marcus taylor an african-american couple who are now given back to the land of the ancestors they both moved to guyana after feeling like they didn't belong in the land of the beth the u.s. building a new i think i'm learning about the ancestors history has given them
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a whole new sense of identity and belonging. elmina on the gun they in khost was called the mine by the portuguese because of the abundance of gold found here but wealth was ultimately made with a different precious good humans. i mean a castle was one of the atlantic slave trades depots holding people captive both men and women before the shipment to america. 400 years on some americans are arriving here searching for traces of their history some come as visitors others come to stay like. and marcus taylor. 600 with meal their wrists were. around $1000.00 men and women were held captive in the castle dungeons at any given time until they were shipped off
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into a future of forced labor or death in transit. visits his place reads of remembrance here out of sadness for the suffering enjoyed by previous generations. i'm a history buff. and i know my history. and nothing. about me no way no study paid for this is frames. marcus is from detroit and resettling in guyana he met obvious shortly after his arrival they now live together in the capital accra. marcus's belongings have not yet arrived from america but at least obvious photos of her relatives are a comfort family history is important to them even when it is a painful one as an marcus's case. when i was 12 years old my family was
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attacked by the police by police officers i watch my family members every email that my family. everyone being between my grandmother a mother. in front of me. and we were coming from my great grandmother's funeral. and to watch that big an injustice from a very young age i kind of felt like i'd never be. obvious is preparing for her next client she works as a massage therapist mixing traditional western massage techniques with gun a and spirituality. she was drawn to go on a after experiencing rejection and discrimination in america she says now 38 avia was much younger when she was suddenly called into a boss's office. at 19 i got my a half moment of that i was directly told that being african was not
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acceptable in a person was looking at me like you know i like you you know your hair is so cute you're so cute right yeah but we're going to have to take you out of your position unless you change your hair because the higher ups they think you're here's a little bit too ethnic and i'll cite too if you would does that mean. she has left that life behind now she wants to do good things for herself and others i use it to give people hope i used to inspire people. music is pretty much a healing too for me just as well as my there comes. a stage where. i'm jealous of your started rapping and it's keeping it off. with marcus is full support.
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for the rigs are all about being a woman black. about identity. that . marcus had a bodybuilding career in the u.s. and canada he fell ill but is now training again he hopes to compete. pete the mr universe title. i.x. me which country that i wanted to represent whether i wanted to represent the u.s. or i don't want to represent can i don't or i'm representing god had this year and i'm here we patch orating. you know impasse as a getting my citizenship so i thought that it would be great for me to represent ghana. elmina a slave caso a place of terror for many african americans i'm sisters. by coming here and seeing
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it with own eyes for their descendants hopes again a clearer sense of the history of. this gate of no return once led across the atlantic to america. for marcus returning to america is unthinkable. nothing has changed. in for me i just feel. we have to we have to make our own change we cannot allow basically a spec somebody else to make a change when they have been saying way for years. in the french have the same. game change with the status saying. so for me i can i can live in that is those things. having crossed the ocean in this direction from america. and marcus are now set on making history in africa.
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as a proud gun in you are always welcome home now if you live in or have ever been to lagos nigeria you probably know about the slum city of michael cole known as the weld biggest floating city it is home to about 300000 people despite its size mccorkle has never had any city planning documents or mobs but that is about to change. welcome to my cocoa a floating slum in the nigerian mega city of lagos officially this part of the city does not exist you won't find these dingy canals and ramshackle huts indicated on any city maps but john and his team are trying to change that on to their location tracking smartphones they crisscross the old ways with the aim of pushing the cocoa and its approximately 300000 inhabitants on the map where are you. made up of girls
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from. actually. collected went of interest within the unable to do their houses so what is on the map so we can have more clearly as a point of interest on this in my book on city streets and have is enough to get. all of this going to be under a month for free. john works for south africa based ngo kota africa the organization behind this drive to map out the slums and improve the lives of those who live here every point of interest is carefully entered into the system like what a floating barbershop. within your own that might want to be part of the point of regional food she wanted to come up with those who want someone who without property deeds or in many cases even illegal existence the inhabitants of makoto live with the permanent threat of addiction for this local traditional leader appearing on a map for the 1st time is a step towards cementing his people's place here. before in mark or core we were in
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the dark but now with the work you have done we traditional chiefs can see that you have done a good job we are only fisherman we didn't know how to mark out the different neighborhoods as you know we are very happy. john believes that inhabitants of this part of the city should have access to the same knowledge of the neighborhood enjoyed by those who live elsewhere in lagos. all of these westy walking on the aisle when we had gone it would look like the reds part of the gold you know you can see st lucie different. the public will not be able to see this neighborhood differently as the map is ready to go online. to kenya now where heavy rain and flooding i've been thinking a deadly toll but this is a story with a happy ending vincent is a fisherman who went to work last friday but only just made it back home 3 days
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later was a lot got trapped on a small patch of land i used flash flood lots have been plaguing the stuff that got in the past week no call residents but only watched helplessly while he waited for help which finally arrived in the form of a helicopter. just take a look at this footage i. i was. off the 72 very cool down when the i was on the island everyone's relieved to have them 6. now i feel i'm fit i'm alive i'm now born again i. was. that's be a good feeling to be back home that's it for now from did of you news africa you
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can catch all our stories on our website and aged now we're upping up the show with the beautiful i do a catch the south sudanese 19 year old was named model of the year and that's when someone's in the past and awards in london on monday good bye i'll see you again soon. i'm scared that my work that hard and in the end is a me you're not allowed to stay here any more we will send you that. are you familiar with this. when the smugglers would lie and say. what's your story.
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'd 'd on what numbers of women especially in victims of violence. take part and send us your story we are trying in all with to understand this new culture. another villa turn. you want to become sitting. in for migrants your platform for reliable information. about it. hello and a very warm welcome to news from world of arts and culture now this is just one of the art installations on a florida beach heralding the contemporary art. basel in miami beach also coming up in the next quarter of an hour. the architect fana chong creates buildings high up
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in the mountains more like sculptures. and the giant dragon is marauding through the streets of kauai in france but don't worry it's just. moved. up basel is one of the leading contemporary art fairs in the world originating in the swiss city back in 1970 it has expanded so much that it now holds in hong kong for the asian markets and in miami to attract of course american by us this year in miami there's more for sale than ever before and also more public installations for all to see like this one at the beach. a traffic jam sinking into a world famous speech miami beach this is one of the public installations at this year's miami art basel it's made completely of sand in the 60 cars are already hit
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with visitors who like to snap selfies with the execution of beautiful.


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